1. A heart I drew that was apart of the ”See.Think.Feel.Hate” Illustration.

  2. Messing around with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


  3. Check out our new Death Eaters video, showing you how our shirts are made one by one by hand! Purchase some gear or send us your address so we can give you some stickers!!!



    (via deatheaterscreate-deactivated20)

  4. Check out the detail on 2 of my newest drawings. Listening to Death’s Spiritual Healing album to keep me motivated n drawing for hourrrrrrrrrrs.

  5. Re-doing our Death Eaters logo. Leprosy Style!

  6. Malevolent Creation - Slaughter of Innocence

  7. Still waiting for my Death Vinyl to arrive, so in the meantime I will listen to every single album and enjoy this winter cold in my room. Rip Chuck.

  8. Belphegor - Fucc the blood of Christ ”Lucifer Incestus”

  9. Decrepit Birth - …And Time Begins.

    If you live in the Los Angeles area, go support Dark Realm.

    Due to the rain part of their store was flooded and got soaked.

    Go buy some SHIT!

  10. Carcass - Pedigree Butchery.

    Enjoy some real metal.