1. Anyone in the Los Angeles area going to the Hate Eternal show tomorrow!? See you there!!!!

  2. Why does Hate Eternal sound so amazing to my ears!? I can’t wait to go see them this month on the 22nd!

  3. Hate Eternal - The Art Of Redemption.

    Hate eternal has this beautiful sound of pure anger and rage, and I can feel it while listening to them and it gives me the urge to just dismember someone, cutting off their limbs and opening up their chest and stomach and pulling out their entrails with my hands. The sound of Hate Eternal summons such a feeling in me that is indescribable, if I were ever to become a serial killer I would definitely listen to them before chopping people to bits.

    Happy December everyone! :p

  4. My ears are in heaven right now.

  5. fuckyeahrealdeathmetal:

    Hate Eternal- The Victorious Reign

    One of my favorite extreme metal drummers.

    Plus this band is just genius.

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  6. Hate Eternal are the epitome of anger.

  7. If I could put all my anger and hate into a song…this is how it would sound.

  8. I think its pretty cool that I can look back on one of my drawings after not seeing it for a while and trip out on it as if someone else drew it and be like what was going through his head!? Yet it is going through my head because I am the one drawing it. O_o lol


  9. Reveal thyself, dare not to deceive me
    See what I see through these eyes of flame
    You must believe in thy ways
    Divulge to me, confessor of all that is holly

    Prepare thyself, for you know not what I am
    See what I see through these eyes of flame
    You must choose your path wisely
    Inevitable your descent into black